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The Fruit Box Shop eCommerce Demo Site

Welcome to the e-commerce demonstration website of the new e-Path Credit Card Payment Gateway.

e-Path enables you to accept credit card payments from your website or shopping cart and then safely charge the card offline, well away from the risks of the open internet.

You will NEVER be risking it with blind transactions being performed online straight away without you knowing as you would with a 'real time' online payment processing gateway.

Being a manual payment gateway, e-Path is refreshingly easy to connect to from any website or shopping cart and is considerably less expensive than other online payment gateway choices available.

Instantly PCI DSS & CDU Compliant

With e-Path your online credit card handling method becomes instantly compliant with both PCI DSS and the new supremely secure CDU (Critical Data Unplugged) initiative.

Buy something and see how things flow

The purpose of the Fruit Box Shop is to enable you to experience how e-Path works in real world online examples, just like it would for a customer visiting your own online shopping cart or website.

We have a selection of high quality shopping carts from which you can purchase from to experience how the payment process flows in an online shopping cart environment.

Everything on The Fruit Box Shop site, including all ecommerce shopping cart examples, is for demonstration purposes only, you will not be actually buying anything. For brevity there is no SSL on these demonstrations.

We hope you find the Fruit Box Shop a little bit of fun, it may even help you to decide what shopping cart best suits your needs
The Fruit Box Shop is a demonstration site containing demonstration installs of various shopping carts and scripts.
Software demonstrated on this site is either copyright protected or open source
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